The Return of @OnoToGo! Good food. Good friends. Good fun. (@tastetable @onotogo @wedgelee @harrycovair @lkrand @deniset73 @mel808)


Today marks the return of @onotogo to the food scene (@tastetable). At least for public consumption. @wedgelee has been teasing us for months with photos of the food that he’s been grilling up but for some reason was not available to people like me. So to see them back and selling to the public is a special event in my book.

Wanting to avoid the line I texted in my order earlier in the morning and then went down around a little before 10:00am to pick it up. I thought I would be the first in line but I should have known better. @harrycovair was already there and helping Kevin out back with grilling duties.


Apparently I wasn’t the only one who decided to “call in” my order today. There was at least 30+ orders already in before they even opened the doors!


While waiting for my food @lkrand and @deniset73 showed up to pick up the orders they placed earlier. @deniset73 actually drove all the way in from Kapolei and to pick up and take back to her office. @lkrand came in from Kaneohe and was also taking back lunch to the Windward side.


I was there picking up for @mel808 in Kaimuki and it was then that @lkrand and I realized that the @onotogo lunches were going to all sides of the island today!


While we were sitting around talking story, just like the “old days”. I was reminded by @lkrand that a lot of us actually first met in real life @OnoToGo. Thanks @deniset73 for sharing this pic commemorating that meeting!


On my drive home I started thinking about all the people that I’ve met at @onotogo and it made me realize how important food is in our culture. Not just for nourishing the body, but also the mind and even the soul. Without @onotogo I’m not sure that I would have had the opportunity for some of the friendships that I now treasure.


As I write this it is even more apparent to me that those lunches that we had together was kind of our modern day “family dinner”. It was a place to sit and eat, but also allowed us to share what was going on in our lives and connect with people. People that we “kind of” knew, but really didn’t. It brought our virtual identities into the real world and put real faces to real names.


@OnoToGo is actually @OnoToStay because even though the food they sold was gone for a while, the friendships we made stayed. Mahalo @OnoToGo, glad to see you’re back and am looking forward to seeing what new friends will come with it.




Pork chops grilling.


Pulehu chicken.


@harrycovair taking a pic of the menu. @lkrand’s favorite t-shirt (and now mine) in the background.


Menu for 3/5/2013


Short ribs.


Pulehu chicken


Combo plate furikake salmon. Pork chops. All white rice.

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