Old School! Timex Sinclair ZX81

Just recently I was going through some boxes in our closet and I cameacross this very old but extremely invaluable find.  The first personalcomputer I ever owned!

The reason why this computer is so invaluable is not only because itwas the first that I ever owned, but mostly because it was given to meby my Grandparents.  To this day they don’t know how to work a computerand probably never will.  I was very surprised (and actually should askthem if they remember) that they would even have the know how topurchase something like this for me.  I believe it was mail orderedwhich back then was not something that was automated which I guess ispart of what made it possible for them to do.

This computer has stayed with me longer than my Apple IIe.  My Mac II. My IBM PC and my Epson.  Amongst a whole lot of other computers thatcame after that.  For someone who now makes a living working on acomputer, this first was a huge milestone in my life and one that Iwill always be appreciative of my Grandparents for providing.

Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!

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