Mahalo for your support everyone, but rats are not meant to fly! @melissa808! #overtheedgehi @sohawaii

(Photo by @melissa808)

Thank you to everyone who helped support a great cause! No, not the @melissa808 trying to send me to my death cause, but Special Olympics Hawaii! There are a lot of local athletes who will now be able to participate in Special Olympics thanks to your generosity.

I have to say, I am not sure I would ever want to do something like this again. It was the most awesome view I have ever seen and at the same time I think I was too nervous to completely enjoy it.

(Photo by @melissa808)

What probably didn’t help was the fact that @melissa808 followed me up there and literally tried to push me over the edge!

(Photos by @melissa808)

Also having @mel808 at the bottom was both a comfort and a whole other level of worry. What if I go splat and end up at her feet? Or worse, I don’t go splat but I wet my pants and have to face her afterwards? In other words, a very full set of mixed emotions.

Thanks to @topher808 and also @kcwaffledog for coming down and being witnesses to @melissa808’s attempt to kill me.

In any case, here is some video we shot that day. This was using a GoPro Hero2 camera mounted to the back of my helmet. BEWARE THERE ARE SOME INAPPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN EXPLETIVES IN THIS VIDEO.

This is the video from the “Melissa Cam” from on top of the building while she gets ready to push me to my death.

Mahalo to:

@Tiabla Don’t look down!
@konaish I don’t want to see Rats fly >.< @NonstopMari this i will pay to watch @Ono4GrandmaGs @Melissa808 C'mon guys! One last push @Parkrat over! @danseto Isn't da fall that kills u. It's the sudden stop @HappyHourHawaii What a great cause! Goodluck! @jeannemariepics you don't need the cables...just jump...jk...jk The Green House Innovation Hub Great stuff, Russ! For a good cause — good luck! Kale Moanaliha'ikawoakekle Akana kekolu you are very brave,noble and kind @Topher808 How to attached all the cameras? @michael_choy Woohoo! @AilanaWakiki afterwards! @EdOshiro I'll be watching you on Channel808. @FranMagbual & Gil - N-D Mixx Love this!! Go Russ, you'll be fine. 🙂 @keithpr @hawaiipage Be safe =) @Frankstah If you flap, you'll only land tired. @RoxanneDarling Just make sure you get the video! @ryankanno / @sarakata Good luck from NYC i love a flying park rat! thank you, and good luck! @crysmy Because @parkrat & I are secretly best buds. @shmerin Go get em @AeroRat! @mel808 Wife of @ParkRat I can't look tooooooo anxious, right? gasann Localnut AWESOME @deniset73 @AlohaTricycle We love to support our special athletes Anonymous @tadasauce I have a big one-Im secure w/ my little donation. RatsCanFly A little bit closer to finding out if he can! @ConchitaMalaqui GO...PARKRAT...GO!!! @kyleepuu Dont let $ amt fool u-I wanna push u but im poor! @sharts02 Mahalo 4 being brave 4 Special Olympics @smurata Can parkrats fly? Anonymous Take your time and enjoy the ride down. @LKRand Inspiration trumps fear = hometown hero @parkrat @kawehealani Don't be afraid, Melisaa808 will catch you! Total $1,360.90

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