Iced Tea SODA! Nooooo!

While making a quick stop at Don Quixote to pick something up to eat and drink my wife and I came across this thing called Iced Tea Soda by Aloha Maid.

Now there are a number of things that should have kept us away from this thing.  First of all the name.  Iced Tea SODA?  That is just WRONG!  Tea and soda?  The second part was the fact that it is Aloha Maid NATURAL.  I didn’t realize that carbonation was something that could be considered natural?  Then there is the fact that it states it has natural lemon flavor “with other natural flavors”. What the heck does that mean? There are many flavors in nature that I personally would prefer to NOT have in my drink. Are any of those in here?

In any case, my wife being the adventurous person that she is (she married me, right?) said “I’ll try it.” and so we bought one.  Then she added “I can always just give it to you if I don’t like it.” D’oh!

When we reached our destination my notices the top of the can.

Now I don’t know about you, but I think Japanese inventor type people are just crazy. They come up with some of the weirdest stuff I have ever seen.  Some are definitely pretty cool, but others are just not meant to be.  So upon discovering the fact that this is most definitely something targeted at the Japanese market I knew we were in trouble.

She pops the top and immediately passes me the can. YUCK!  I say “How bad can it be?” and take a swig for myself.  Oh boy…..that thing SUCKS!  My wife’s comment then was “That is 50 cents I would like to get back.”

I’ll fully admit that it just may be us or that it is an acquired taste. But it is not one that we will be trying again any time soon.  Crazy Japanese buggahs! 🙂

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