Dinner at Sanoya Rahmen

Last night was so cold so after checking out the craft fair and us being “kidless” for the time being we decided to stop at Sanoya Rahmen on King Street.

Gyoza as an appetizer.

Char siu, spinach and green onions.

Char siu ramen. NO ONIONS!!!!

The noodles were tastier than I remember it being the couple of other times we were there.  I’m not sure if it is because we were cold and hungry and it was raining outside or if I’m just getting too old to remember things like that.  Needless to say the noodles had a taste all of their own and it was delicious!

Funny part about the visit was that not only do the waiters take your order and serve you, they also give you advice on which big screen TV to buy and whether it is a good thing to buy a blu-ray player or not.  Well at least that is the service that the people on the table next to us got from their waiter as they discussed their impending purchase.  Talk about service!

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