Dinner at Camellia Buffet

Since we needed to drop the daughter off in Waikiki for a party we figured we would try someplace different.  The boys had never been to a place where you cook your own food at the table so we decided to give them a treat and check out Camellia Buffet in McCully.

Sashimi, jello, corn.

A whole bunch of stuffs that I would mostly not eat.  This was my wife’s.

Chicken.  Oh noooo! No cook me! 

Threw some pork on there too.  The pork was spicy!


The boys approve of this place.  At $20/adult and $10/child (the little one was free because I guess he’s still small enough) it was a nice meal and we left very satisfied.  After a few more trips back to get more chicken and sashimi of course.

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