Why the “Sandwich Queen” is Always Smiling

A couple of days ago we stopped by “Sandwich Queen” (the name has been changed to protect the ridiculed) on King Street by University and decided on ordering original chicken sandwiches.  Price $4.49 for the sandwich only or $6.59 for the “value meal”. I put “value meal” in parenthesis for reasons that will soon be apparent.

While waiting to order we see the following sign hanging from the ceiling.

So I do some quick math in my head and decide that the “value meal” isn’t actually that much of a “value” ($6.59) with this special going on and we’re better off ordering the sandwich only and “adding” ($4.49+$1.99=$6.48) to our sandwich instead. Yeah I know, it is only 11 cents, but we were ordering two so that is 22 cents and that is almost 25 cents which is 1/4 of a whole dollar!

Anyways, so we proceed up to the counter and place our order.  We would like three original chicken sandwiches, sandwich only and add two of those (points to sign) drink and fries please.

Confused look on cashier’s face. It didn’t help that English was probably not her first language, and after a bit of wrangling she gives us a total price. Which didn’t look quite right so we asked if she got our order right. Which it wasn’t for a few reasons one of which was her not understanding that we didn’t want the “value meal” but instead wanted to “add a drink and fries”.

Eventually a manager comes by and asks what the problem is. We explain to her that we want sandwich onlys and want to add a drink and fries for $1.99.  Her reply was, why don’t we just get the “value meal” because it is cheaper.  We tell her that the value meal isn’t really cheaper because if you add $1.99 to $4.49 it is $6.48 which is less than $6.59.  She then tells us that the “add” is only ONE of the items.  In other words, it is $1.99 to add a small drink OR $1.99 to add a small fries OR $1.99 to add a small onion rings.  So we would pay more if we wanted to add both a drink and a fries.  So we concede that that is what THEIR special is and I proceed to tell her she should fix her sign because it is not correct.  She nods her head and says yes that is a problem.

Ok, so now we’re waiting for our food.  I glance over at the regular menu and see that a small drink costs $1.89, 10 cents CHEAPER than the “add” special offer thing. So basically what they are saying is that if you get a sandwich and add a drink we’ll charge you 10 cents MORE to do that. But if you order just a drink you can get it for the regular price.  WTH?!

The kicker is, while we’re pondering over the sheer stupidity of the situation and how wrong the manager of the location could be. A friend of ours comes by and tells us that he just got 8 small french fry orders for $1.00!  Make a $1.00 donation and get 8 coupons for small fries which he did and redeemed right there. D’oh!

Needless to say, there will be a call going into the 1-866-42-4745 number to tell them “How was it?”

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