Trey’s Birthday Dinner at CPK

Last night was my son’s birthday and at first he wanted to just buydinner from Lam’s Garden.  But somehow during the course of theconversation he managed to change those plans into what will become abirthday celebration across a span of three days.  The celebrationstarts at CPK on his birthday and here are some pics of the deliciousbirthday meal.

Turned out we ordered two of everything with some small exceptions. Two shrimp scampi pizzas for Mom and Dad.  Two kids cheese pizzas forthe boys.  And two pasta dishes, one with shrimp the other without. The boys finished it off with two sundaes and the waitress was kindenough to “comp” the sundae for the birthday boy even though we hadn’tfilled out the birthday club thing prior to his birthday.  I feel badthat I didn’t catch the waitress’s name, but she was extremely friendlyand we never went wanting for anything.

Needless to say we went home very full and satisfied.  Oh yeah, and thebirthday boy who just got a PSP from his Grandparent’s talked Mom intobuying him a couple of used games from the conveniently next doorGameStop store.

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