The little one wanted to win the Monopoly game at McDonald’s #himcd Tweetup (@mcdonaldshawaii @mel808)

McDonald's Hawaii held a tweetup to kick off the start of their annual Monopoly contest by having a Monopoly tournament. Because this year there is a 1 in 4 chance of winning something the tournament was run the same way. There were tables of four setup with a board on each table. The person on the table with the most assets at the end of an hour won a $25 Arch card.

The deck was kind of stacked in "The Sumidas" favor considering there was only @mel808 and the boys sitting on their table. But that didn't stop it from being competitive. The little one wanted to win badly but Mom held out for the win.
At the end of the evening the board game was given away to the participant who's birthday was closest to yesterday. Mom scooped. The little one was NOT happy as you can see in the pic.
All in all a fun night.
Thanks McDonald's!
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