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When “Pay attention to meeee!” doesn’t really mean “meeee” (@melissa808)

Chances are if you’ve been on Twitter or Facebook for more than a few weeks you have seen Melissa Chang (@melissa808) exclaim “Pay attention to meeee!” and may have wondered what is up with this self-centered, egotistical, pushy Chinee broad?! Well, there is a running joke on Twitter that no one pays attention to her […]

RR Mobile 4G “AndHere” Blogging (@rrmobile @melissa808 @worldwideed)

Ed made me beg and plead with him for a chance to take their RR Mobile product for a spin and not let Melissa have all the fun. We shot this video with Melissa just for the heck of it to show my appreciation and to kiss up to him some more. Hahaha. One take […]

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