Seen at the Mall

Ok, so for some reason today there were a number of things that I passed while at Kahala Mall that I just could not resist snapping a picture of.

The first was this set of tables that I came across on my way to check out the new Game Stop location and the old rest stop location. Well more the second than the first but you get the idea.

For some reason seeing these super low tables in the middle of the floor just cracked me up.  I guess Kahala Mall is trying to attract the vertically challenged by providing tables to accommodate them.

Then sitting in front of the Apple Store scavenging free wifi access I see this.

Whoa, Grannie rocking the Apple laptop! 

I didn’t have the guts to go up and ask her if she was tweeting.  Especially after seeing the brace on her leg.  She must kick butt!

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