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Ed made me beg and plead with him for a chance to take their RR Mobile product for a spin and not let Melissa have all the fun. We shot this video with Melissa just for the heck of it to show my appreciation and to kiss up to him some more. Hahaha.

One take video, one take production, and to quote Melissa “full of ham and cheese”!

Will start posting updates soon to http://www.andhere.com and also follow @rrmobile on Twitter.

NOTE: For the few of you who have to be a pain about it and always gotta know. Neither Melissa nor myself are being paid by Road Runner to do this. (Well at least I don’t think we are. Well, I’m not at least. Hey, wait a minute! Is Melissa getting paid?! Eddddd!!!! Hahaha. Nah, just kidding.) We do get to use the cards/service for free though during the testing period.

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