Queen’s BBQ – Fried chicken plate all rice (Kakaako, Hawaii)

Was kind of a weird lunch today.  Stopped by Queen’s BBQ and had to try the fried chicken since everyone says that they make great fried chicken.  And it was ONO!  That is not the weird part.  After picking up lunch I decided to stop at the beach to eat my lunch before heading home.  I ate only one piece of chicken and a scoop of rice and then I felt very full so I stopped and decided to save my lunch.

In the meantime I noticed this obviously homeless dude walking around sifting through trash cans and basically talking to himself and the pigeons that were listening.  After a while I see him pull what looked to be what was left of a Zippy’s mini chicken bento out of a trash can and then he sat down and leaned against a tree in front of me and proceeded to pick out something that was in the plate and then started to eat what was mostly rice and some mostly eaten bones of chicken.

Well needless to say that was slightly disturbing to me and then I remembered that I had two good pieces of chicken and two scoops of rice still with me.  So I took the plate lunch to him and told him he could have it and that there was two very ono pieces of chicken in it.  He mumbled something like “I’m ok.” but I left the plate there and went back to my car.  I watched him still eat the trash plate for a bit and then he turned to the lunch I left and opened it up and started to eat.

I guess why I felt it was something that was meant to be is that I really had no reason to have stopped eating when I did but something made me stop.  And when I saw the homeless dude I knew that he probably could use the food more.  I’m not even sure if that makes sense.  I’m not a very religious person, but I do believe that I am somewhat spiritual in that I believe in a greater power that intervenes when necessary.  This seemed to be one of those times however small it was.

Oh, and as a side note, even hungry homeless people can be picky.  I saw him taking the cabbage out of the plate and tossing it.  The dude doesn’t like veggies just like me!  Divine intervention for sure.

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