Prank “Pooper”

My daughter Marissa has a track record of being the one to win drawings and other random contests of luck. Once she won some kind of a trip only to be told by the contest people that she was not eligible to win. I think she was like 11 at the time or something. They didn’t even offer her a lower prize or a coupon. Since that time she has gotten a lot better at reading the rules. But because of her luck she has become the designated “filler outer of drawing forms” for the family. Even if she isn’t eligible we make her fill out the form and use her mother’s name.

Anyways, that is just some background to this video as this prank was perfectly setup. She’s in the bathroom with the radio blasting and not aware of the tower of toilet paper that has been constructed outside the door. The rolls were stacked high and leaning on the door just waiting for its unsuspecting victim.

Cameras were rolling and my witness (Ty) to the celebration of a successful prank were all ready to go.

But alas, the lucky star was way too powerful. How could that not have worked otherwise?!

What a prank pooper!

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