Nikon Coolpix Taken for a Ride

Decided to run out to see if I could find a case for the Nikon Coolpix that wasn’t too bulky. I was going to resort to using a thick sock, but did end up finding a case that I think will serve what I wanted it to which is basically something to protect the camera but not take up so much space that it made the small camera bulky. Here is what I found at WalMart for $9.00.

The case is reversible so when I get tired of that pattern thing I can turn it inside out and it will be all black.

After that I picked up lunch at the lunch wagon behind Sam’s Club/WalMart. Grilled Teriyaki Ahi Plate all white rice.

Took a few pics at Kewalo Basin just to see how they would come out. Nothing fancy, just mostly point and shoot.

Also stopped by Waikiki on my way home and shot a few pics there as well. This one is my favorite and not for the obvious reasons.

Texting while sunning yourself on the beach at Waikiki?! C’mon now!

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