New Food and Products Show

This is what the line looked like to buy tickets at 10:00am when the show was going to open. It moved relatively fast once it started going though so that was the good thing.

The dude in the plastic glove used to give cookies for Christmas that were SUPER ONO! Now I know why. He stole them from his Aunty!  Seriously though, her cookies are legendary!

Look who we bumped into! @kaizenhawaii and @loodge! And he’s wearing his birthday shirt. Not to be confused with him in his birthday suit.

Mini animal crackers! Oh noooo! No eat me! I just one babyyyy!

This machine was literally shooting out the multi-grain thingy.

HEART Shaped kaki mochi! Now I can really <3 kaki mochi!

Oooooo….makes my butt all tingly just thinking about it.

Wally Amos! Mr. Noname! YUM Cookies for sure.

The two sisters are channeling. They both wore the same color blouses!

All in all a fun morning. Got out of there a little after Noon with bentos and SPAM musubis from Taniokas who had a booth in the show.  Didn’t seem as big as prior years when we went, but also wasn’t as crazy crowded too.

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