My New Nikon Coolpix S550 Digital Camera

Got a new toy today and I can’t wait to start using it! Expect some nicer pictures posted to my blogs from now on. At least I hope so that is. A good camera can’t fix a lousy photographer.

In any case, here is the unboxing of my new Nikon Coolpix camera.

I had been doing some research for a new camera because my old camera is REALLY old and was an awesome 2mp camera! Whoo hoo! Actually that camera has served me well through the years, but it was just time to move up.

This S550 was my pick because of the price and features. Mainly less than $200 on the price. I actually used some Rewards points certificates and so the cash out of pocket was even less. Ended up picking it up for $162.22 out the door. And I’m supposed to be getting a FREE Gorilla tripod thing mailed to me too.

I almost picked this camera up for $186 at Sam’s Club but they didn’t have any in stock. Amazon had them for $179 and free shipping but I kept hoping for something local and found it.

At first when I went online shopping Best Buy showed the camera at $199 and it was out of stock here locally at both Best Buy stores. Then last night I went back on a whim and the price had dropped and it was with a free Gorilla tripod thing. On top of that it showed that the Aiea store had it in stock so I placed my order and waited for the email message this morning confirming that it would be waiting for me and it was.

The Best Buy process of ordering online and picking up is the best that I have tried so far (I haven’t tried a lot though). The instructions in the email confirmation were very clear and the pickup was as smooth as they described. Special parking space, stop by customer service, show my credentials and within a minute of them entering it into the system I was leaving with my brand new camera. Very nice!

In any case, am now waiting for the battery to charge so that I can try it out!

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