Melissa’s perspective on guys with big hands

This is an exchange that took place on Twitter between @melissa808 and myself (@parkrat). I laughed so hard when I read her response that I literally fell on the floor laughing while trying to suck down the sip of iced tea that I had in my mouth.  After thinking about why this was so humorous to me I realized that it was because I never expected Melissa to be so quick. Hahahaha. Gotcha!

In any case, I wanted to preserve this for future reference and an example of how that “pushy Chinee broad” is a total crack up.

@melissa808 10:41 AM Jul 28th @ParkRat I have never asked u to hold my mangos! U can barely hold a cup with ur gorilla hands! (@KGMB9’s phrase)

@ParkRat 10:47 AM Jul 28th in reply to Melissa808 You know what they say about guys with big hands right? Big gloves.

@melissa808 10:48 AM Jul 28th in reply to ParkRat I thought guys with big hands have big nostrils.

@ParkRat 10:50 AM Jul 28th RT @Melissa808: @ParkRat I thought guys with big hands have big nostrils. – HAHAHA! Damn you! I almost had iced tea up the nose!

@melissa808 10:50 AM Jul 28th in reply to ParkRat oh, I just crack myself up! Where’s @LenaHanson to witness these things?

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