It’s ALIVE!!! And Kind of Sexy…

December is definitely looking up for me right now.  And after that nasty November’s string of mishaps with my electronics I sure can use some good news!

Just a quick recap for those that missed my lamenting on Twitter ( about my stupidity.

This yummy late evening elixir….

Turned into this very disturbing lesson.

After buying a can of this which resulted from a conversation with @rickyli99 on Twitter where I was advised to “get some contact cleaner from radio shack, and spray the crud out of the EEE. then let it dry for days.”

On November 24th, I decided that this may not work out and I need to lessen my downtime so I ordered a new keyboard from the seller HKGreatDeals ( for $15.00 delivered from Hong Kong.  Got a notice the next day that it shipped.

In the meantime I waited for my old keyboard to dry.  Also tested it a few times putting it back into the eeePC and testing it out with notepad. All to no avail, I killed that sucker pretty good.

On Black Friday there was a sale at Radio Shack for a wireless keyboard/mouse setup for $19.95 that connects using USB and so I figured for that amount at least I can get back to using my eeePC so I picked it up and my setup looked like this.

Which is the way it was until today when I received…

I was very surprised since I didn’t expect to see it only 8 days later when there was the Thanksgiving holiday and a weekend in between. And also it was coming from Hong Kong and the shipping time was said to be anywhere between 7-14 days.  I was expecting more of the latter than the former.  But am very pleasantly surprised!

And yes before someone says something about my laptop being white and the keyboard being black I did do that on purpose!  First reason was, I thought the contrast would look really cool and sexy.  And if I say so myself, I think it did accomplish that.  The other reason was after I bought my white eeePC I saw a black one at Best Buy and I thought the black keyboard seemed to be a lot more sturdy for some reason and felt better built.  So with this chance to change to a new one I went for it.  And now that it is here and installed I must say that it is actually a better keyboard and it wasn’t just my imagination.

In any case, put the keyboard in and fired up the computer and….

Ohhhhhh yeaaahhhhh!!!  Can’t wait to be able to go mobile again!

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