Honolulu District PCNC December Meeting – Seasons Tweetings (@zippys @kahalamallctr @mel808)

A couple of months ago I asked Melissa Chang (@melissa808) if she would be willing to do a presentation with me about social media at the Honolulu District PCNC Meeting and she graciously agreed.  Here are some of the photos we shot that day to demonstrate to the group how twitpic-ing works.

Getting ready for the meeting.

The organizers of this month’s meeting.

Melissa getting things started.

Winner of the I LOVE  @kahalamallctr t-shirt! She said she does love Kahala Mall, but not so sure about Twitter. She did say that she would NOT be telling her husband about Twitter because he doesn’t need more things to do.

Note: This is now a picture of (@DQ139 who signed up on Twitter after the meeting!)

Two way tie for answering the question. Two winners of @zippy’s t-shirts!

The leader gets one too!

Mahalo @melissa808 @zippys and the Honolulu District PCNCs for having us!

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