Holy Kaw! @neenz Makes a Dream a Reality

A little over a year ago when Guy Kawasaki’s new book came out I made this blog post “Holy Kaw! I’m in Deep Shiitake! – The Guy Kawasaki Revelation” where I revealed…

(It should be noted that I say this with an unblemished record of staunch heterosexuality.)

A few days later found me looking like this…

…as the result of @guykawasaki Just Tweeted To Me! which I think is understandable after my revelation.

In my incredibly long blog post about my revelation I mention how @neenz said that if she ever got the chance to make my dream come true and get Guy Kawasaki to autograph my book she would do what she could to make it happen.  And guess what? This weekend the stars aligned and @neenz gave me an early Christmas present by making that
dream come true.

A personalized autographed copy of Guy Kawasaki’s book! No ways!!! Yes ways, thanks to Neenz.

Now in and of itself that is already an incredible thing for Neenz to do, but this being Neenz she cannot do things only small kine.  She gotta do it BIG and how much bigger can you get than….

BAM! That’s right! Hey Russ, why don’t you and Mel come over for lunch on Sunday. Having a few friends and family over…oh and Guy Kawasaki.  WTF!  No ways?!  I am SO THERE!

And so it came to be that not only did Neenz make it possible for me to have an autographed copy of Guy Kawasaki’s book. She also made it possible for me to meet Guy and his family (Beth was a pleasure to meet and talk story with as she is just a joy.) which was something I never thought would be possible. For this “fan boy” it was an incredible experience and I think if not for a little reflection on my part prior to that day I might have totally lost it and embarrassed myself far more than asking him to sign two books and pose for a pic.

Now prior to that day I had told Neenz that although I should be the happiest about the fact that knowing her was allowing me the opportunity to meet Guy Kawasaki. What I realized was that it was not her bringing me Guy. It was Guy who brought me to her (and eventually Noe). If it weren’t for @kaizenhawaii telling me that Guy Kawasaki was on Twitter, I may never have joined. And if not for that I would never have met Neenz and Noe (and a whole lot of other good people who I now consider friends). And so in the bigger picture of things, I am grateful to Guy for making it possible for Mel and I to be welcomed into the Faleafine home for a “small lunch party”.

If you ever wondered what a “small party” at Neenz’s is like, check out this group which is just a very small part of her family from what we understand.  Her father is the one with the dish towel over his shoulder and if you ever wonder why Neenz is like how she is, look no farther than her parents. Her father was always showing appreciation for those that contributed to the meal and making sure that everyone knew where things came from so that they could find it later and appreciate the meal that way. Her mother is so full of warmth that you can see why Neenz had no other choice but to be the way she is which is the best of both of them.  And they all have a great sense of humor as well.

Neenz and Noe have been incredible people to know and Mel and I are grateful that they have shared their love and friendship with us.  This weekend was one where we left (reluctantly) the gathering with a warmth in our hearts.  And it had less to do with meeting Guy as it did with just feeling like a part of their ohana. It will be a weekend that we won’t forget any time soon.

Mahalo Neenz and Noe! And you too Guy and Beth!

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