Finally Met the Famous Wes Suzawa IRL! (Mahalo @makeitagreatday! Go @rsuenaga!)

Wes’ fame comes from the fact that he quit Twitter cold turkey and although is sounds like he is using @makeitagreatday’s Twitter account as a kind of a “twitter patch” of sorts he has not yet fully fallen back into his old Twitter ways. Was great meeting both of you today IRL finally! Thank you for actually leaving the air conditioned @kahalamallctr to come find me.

BTW – I forgot to ask.  What the heck was up with all the empty Starbucks cups?!!!

In case anyone is wondering what the heck I was doing hanging around outside of Kahala Mall. I was waiting hoping to catch @rsuenaga as he rode by because I had a cooler with water and Gatorade in it just in case. And I actually did catch him right before I was about to give up and leave.  How serendipitous.  Looking good Ryan!

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