eXtenze for Kids? WTH!

When I went to take a shower today I found a package that my wife put in the bathroom. It was for a product called “Magic Grow”. Now my first thought was, “Geeze, how much bigger does she want it to be?!” Ok, ok, stop laughing. Anyways, so I pick up the package to read what it says on it.

Simple enough. Just add water and the neat part is you can watch it too!

Promises growth of 12 to 16 inches! That actually sounds a little painful to me, but hey to each their own.

Now all of this is fine and dandy. Heck the thing only cost 88 cents so what harm can come from seeing what it can do right? Well my biggest concern came from reading that it is meant for Age 4+. Isn’t it enough that this industry runs their commercials all the time on television. But to blatantly put on their packaging that it is good for someone as young as 4 years old is just appalling to me.

That being said, I’m sure my sons will have a grand old time with it the next time they go to take a bath. I know I did when I had it before.

So how many of you got got? If you did, DM me because we were meant to have long stupid conversations while laughing uncontrollably about nothing really.

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