Dinner at Maple Garden/Yen King (McCully, Hawaii)

This was the first night this summer that we had all the kids (one daughter was at Grandma Summer Camp) in one place and so figured we would go out somewhere.  We used to love to go to Yen King when they were at Kahala Mall and are happy that he found a place to re-open that wasn’t too far away from us.  The owner still knows our order of shrimp and noodles no vegetables and that makes it feel like nothing has changed.

The girl’s opted for the buffet.

Sizzling seafood platter.  This dish is literally sizzling.  The little one was a little freaked out when he saw that they added a little squid with all it’s tentacles to the mix of seafood which wasn’t previously there. Well not that we can remember.  He kept on asking “who’s gonna eat that?” Which wasn’t a problem. I did. YUM!

Egg foo YUM! My wife loves this dish.

We ordered two orders of this shrimp noodle dish because the older boy usually eats almost the whole thing by himself. It wasn’t to be last night though and we ended up taking home the leftovers.  He’s already claimed it for his own as his lunch.

All in all a very delicious and filling time was had by all.

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