Costco Gas Special Excursion

The other night on Twitter one of the topics that came up was the longlines at Costco gas.  Since the price dropped to below $3.00/gallon forregular grade gas the lines have been crazy over there.  It wassuggested by @nctrlbst that at 5:00am when they open is the best timebecause there he said there were no lines. So since my wife’s car wasrunning low on gas and she drives an Expedition, I decided last nightthat I would wake up early this morning.

I arrived at about 5:10am.  Here is what awaited me.

It ended up being about a 10-15 minute wait which wasn’t too bad andwell worth the drive down there for the price!

By the time I had filled up and left the line was making it’s way outtowards Dillingham.  Not quite there yet, but definitely working itsway there that is for sure.

Thanks @nctrlbst!  I think! Nah, just kidding.  This was longer than Ihad hoped to see but still way better than when we’ve tried over thelast week or so and definitely much cooler to not be waiting in the sun.

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