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Shrimp scampi week @bigcitydiner!

And its Twitter Tuesday! Sent from my' droid

Marukame Udon time!


Roast Pork plate from @megsdrivein. YUM!

Sent from my' droid

Lobster truffle oil ahi with rice and fries. No garnish. Sauce on the side. #client

Yum! Sent from my' droid

Mahalo @tuaw @docrock @johngarcia! Happy Birthday iPad!

@jarofclay73 brought his awesome AR.Drone which has to be seen in action to understand how totally cool it is.

Engineering Plumbing Wonder or Candid Camera Prank?

If this park were a lot more sophisticated I would think we were being punked or it was a Candid Camera thing.

Is this Yelp Beta -0.1?

I’d go back to eat at this place over and over if it was closer to me. Just because of this sign. I’d watch my wallet, but I’d go back. Hahaha.

The ultimate local snack!

Norimaki arare with wet li hing sauce. Finger licking, drooling good!

Pork loin dinner @bigcitydiner @bcdlane

Week 5 special! Yum!

BBQ Pork Plate @rainbowdrivein. YUM!

Love this special!

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