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The Dangers of an Unattended iPad (@michael_choy)

The background story on this is that @michael_choy has apparently been leaving his iPad out and logged in to Twitter when attending the past couple of tweetups. An unknown “friend” of his has been tweeting out from it “I want a hug.” or something along those lines. Which results in Michael getting hugs for what […]

I Was NOT Stalking @usagikisses or @melching5…No, Really I Wasn’t.

@usagikisses @melching5

Women can’t keep their hands off of me! (@spldrttngrl @melissa808)

Unfortunately they prefer the head or my neck to anything else. Or is that fortunately? Hmmm…. Rats get no love….*sadface*

Holy Kaw! @neenz Makes a Dream a Reality

A little over a year ago when Guy Kawasaki’s new book came out I made this blog post “Holy Kaw! I’m in Deep Shiitake! – The Guy Kawasaki Revelation” where I revealed… I HAVE A MAN-CRUSH ON GUY KAWASAKI !!!! (It should be noted that I say this with an unblemished record of staunch heterosexuality.) […]

First time meeting @kaimanapine IRL! #HITwoliday

I finally got to meet @kaimanapine (prounounced peee-nay from what I’ve been told) in real life and actually remembered to get a pic of the occasion.

Finally Got a Pic with @shmerin! #HITwoliday (@mel808 too!)

For whatever reason (Could it be because @tadasauce taught me to say her screen name by saying “schmegma”?) it has taken FOREVER me to get a pic with Erin. Finally achieved that at #HITwoliday! @mel808 @parkrat @shmerin

It’s @jpurrpurr NOT jpuTTpuTT! (@usagikisses) #HITwoliday

Talk about how to make lousy first impressions? Try calling them “@jPUTTPUTT” and find out. D’oh! Even though @usagikisses worked at the same school as @mel808 and we have two kids at the school. This was the first time I met @usagikisses IRL. And also the first time meeting @jPurrPurr as well. Luckily even after […]

Why @ryankanno would want to be me I’ll never understand. (@sarakata)

I’m not sure what is more insulting. The fact that @ryankanno thought he could actually be obnoxious enough to pass as being @parkrat or the fact that @sarakata seems to be perplexed as to why he would choose @parkrat to try and be. There are far better people to try and pose as that is […]

Let’s get the party started @ryankanno style! (@mel808 @jlnoblezada @usagikisses @sarakata) #HITwoliday

Uh, ok so maybe @ryankanno wasn’t putting the right moves on @mel808 to elicit more than a “I’m so embarrassed for you laugh.” but he gets major props for not caring and trying anyways. Seriously, kudos to you @ryankanno! In the meantime, check @jlnoblezada starting to get his groove on while @usagikisses and @sarakata admire […]

Hey @watarigoro @burajiru @funhiguy! Remember this for our next old guy tweetup! Hahaha.

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