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Spotted @vh07v at Waikiki Spam Jam (@spamjam @ricknakama @mel808)

I am not sure if this photo is an example of how great a salesperson @worldwideed is or how gullible is @ricknakama. Maybe a little of both? I know for sure that I do NOT want to see either of them modeling it. @worldwideed sells @ricknakama the Emperor’s New Clothes design. Ed couldn’t be wearing […]

What Cofficing with @melissa808 is like. #coffice

Just in case people needed any insight into what it is like working with @melissa808. Thank goodness we don’t coffice EVERY DAY! And why we are probably NEVER going to get an office space.

My Favorite Photo from the #WBWHoop Tweetup at Waikiki Beach Walk (@mel808)

Can’t even put the phone down to hoopdance. Wonder where he gets that from (see Mom in background for answer).

When “Pay attention to meeee!” doesn’t really mean “meeee” (@melissa808)

Chances are if you’ve been on Twitter or Facebook for more than a few weeks you have seen Melissa Chang (@melissa808) exclaim “Pay attention to meeee!” and may have wondered what is up with this self-centered, egotistical, pushy Chinee broad?! Well, there is a running joke on Twitter that no one pays attention to her […]

Why @codyonizuka Regrets Having a @parkrat Discount @otsujifarm @hnlfarmers #FAIL (@melissa808 @mel808)

Play some “D” boys! You’re being schooled…

…by a girl!!

Why @jlieu CANNOT be trusted! But we

Yes, there is no typo there, @jlieu CANNOT be trusted and here is why. One day I get an email message from her. “Can you and @mel808 please do me a favor and come down to The Wedding Ring Shop? We need background people for a commercial shoot. You don’t have to talk or anything. […]

Mild Mannered Manpower or Psycho Photog? Only @photolulutv knows for sure.

@photolulutv was more than happy to comply with this hair net rule. But later in the day it became disturbingly clear that he may have been much too comfortable with a hair net.

Is @rsuenaga Actually a Homeless Person?

Yesterday was #tweeball day which was fun and this time injury-free for all involved. It wasn’t until after we were wrapped up and just standing around talking story where my revelation that Ryan may be homeless and living out of his truck started to come together.

Birthday Dinner for the 17 Year Old On Shrimp Scampi Night @BigCityDiner (@BCDLane)

Da gang waiting to be seated.

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