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My SUPER PORKY burger @burgershawaii!

NOTE: Burgers on the Edge is a client BUT I paid for this super-porky meal!

Breakfast @goodtogrill, intersession rocks!

Dinner at Bella Mia Pizzaria (South Beretania Street)

The other night when we were looking for dinner we passed by this place that we hadn’t noticed before. We didn’t stop that night but went back this past weekend to check them out. Was hoping that they would have a TV there with the UH Football game on but that was not to be.

St. Louis Okazuya ParkRat Plate

This is my favorite okazuya place and my favorite “custom plate”. Three plain musubi, full order of long rice, fish dipped in the teri sauce and two shrimp.

Dinner at Mini Garden on Beretania

Been having a craving for this stewed noodle dish for a while. I used to eat it a lot when I worked downtown but haven’t had it in a while. Mel ordered this as well.

Breakfast at Pancakes and Waffles @citysquare808

Birthday Dinner for the 17 Year Old On Shrimp Scampi Night @BigCityDiner (@BCDLane)

Da gang waiting to be seated.

Late Night Ramen @bigcitydiner (@bcdlane @mel808)

We’ve been trying to get the late night ramen meal at Big City Diner almost since Lane first tweeted about it. But most of the time we’re actually too early (it isn’t available until 10:30pm). Which is saying a lot because we typically eat “late” by most people’s standards. Once we were almost there at […]

Dinner at Choi’s Family Restaurant

Dinner at The Ranch House (@ranchhousehi)

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