Breakfast @goodtogrill

Since @mel808 and I have not been able to get to Good to Grill on any day other than the weekends we've not been able to take advantage of their $2.99 breakfast special. But thanks to @50hulalady's advice we've managed to make a deal of our own. I like my toast and rice with my bacon. Mel goes with the eggs. And so we order a regular plate with rice, toast and eggs and then a side of rice and bacon. Saves us a little because a side of toast costs more than a side of rice and you can choose any two sides for your plate. Confused? Me too, that is why I let Mel order. 🙂

NOTE: Good to Grill is a client of AdStreamz, Inc. but our meal was paid for and not compensated. For those of you who care about that kind of stuff.

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