Another Test and Alex

Ok, so after a day of wondering why my MMS picture message wasn't being sent I finally figured out that I broke it. When trying to clean up space on my phone to be able to send it I deleted my WAP/GPRS settings which is needed to get these messages off.

In any case, after much web surfing tonight I think I fixed it. So this post with the picture of Alex who has been laughing at me all this time is a test to see if this works.

If this does work then it means that I can email in my photos with some text, but it also means that I can't add text to an MMS message and send it in because that didn't work earlier tonight. All I got was a bunch of blank images and the text in my blog.

So here goes nothing and something!

PS. My Asus EEE shipped today and is coming via UPS so it should be here in a couple of days, whoo hoo!

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