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ParkRat Goes to the 2014 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards! #nahoku #melemei #melemei2014

Mele Mei is a client of ours and the culminating event for the month long celebration of music is the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards. When a certain person who shall not be named but could easily be Crystal Yamasaki (@crysmy) was attheverylastminute unable to help cover the event with my partner Melissa Chang (@meliss808) I […]

Spotted @vh07v at Waikiki Spam Jam (@spamjam @ricknakama @mel808)

I am not sure if this photo is an example of how great a salesperson @worldwideed is or how gullible is @ricknakama. Maybe a little of both? I know for sure that I do NOT want to see either of them modeling it. @worldwideed sells @ricknakama the Emperor’s New Clothes design. Ed couldn’t be wearing […]

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