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Lobster truffle oil ahi with rice and fries. No garnish. Sauce on the side. #client

Yum! Sent from my' droid

When “Pay attention to meeee!” doesn’t really mean “meeee” (@melissa808)

Chances are if you’ve been on Twitter or Facebook for more than a few weeks you have seen Melissa Chang (@melissa808) exclaim “Pay attention to meeee!” and may have wondered what is up with this self-centered, egotistical, pushy Chinee broad?! Well, there is a running joke on Twitter that no one pays attention to her […]

Mahalo @tuaw @docrock @johngarcia! Happy Birthday iPad!

@jarofclay73 brought his awesome AR.Drone which has to be seen in action to understand how totally cool it is.

Engineering Plumbing Wonder or Candid Camera Prank?

If this park were a lot more sophisticated I would think we were being punked or it was a Candid Camera thing.

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