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Dinner at Mini Garden on Beretania

Been having a craving for this stewed noodle dish for a while. I used to eat it a lot when I worked downtown but haven’t had it in a while. Mel ordered this as well.

Breakfast at Pancakes and Waffles @citysquare808

Mild Mannered Manpower or Psycho Photog? Only @photolulutv knows for sure.

@photolulutv was more than happy to comply with this hair net rule. But later in the day it became disturbingly clear that he may have been much too comfortable with a hair net.

Is @rsuenaga Actually a Homeless Person?

Yesterday was #tweeball day which was fun and this time injury-free for all involved. It wasn’t until after we were wrapped up and just standing around talking story where my revelation that Ryan may be homeless and living out of his truck started to come together.

FourSquare Saved Our Lives Today! Sort of.

Ok, so it may be an exaggeration of sorts that our lives were saved this morning. But I did pause to make sure that I checked in at the place I just left and that pause to do so saved my daughter, her friend and myself from potentially being under this falling crate of roofing […]

Birthday Dinner for the 17 Year Old On Shrimp Scampi Night @BigCityDiner (@BCDLane)

Da gang waiting to be seated.

Wasting a vote?

I had a very brief Twitter conversation the other night about this upcoming election which got me to thinking about who am I going to vote for and am I better off not voting just because I can’t choose one over the other. The conversation started with a statement by the other person saying something […]

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