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Honolulu District PCNC December Meeting – Seasons Tweetings (@zippys @kahalamallctr @mel808)

A couple of months ago I asked Melissa Chang (@melissa808) if she would be willing to do a presentation with me about social media at the Honolulu District PCNC Meeting and she graciously agreed.  Here are some of the photos we shot that day to demonstrate to the group how twitpic-ing works. Getting ready for […]

FINALLY Got to Meet @BKGirlFriday IRL! You rock girl! (@mel808 @tadasauce @bkgirlfriday @parkrat)

It seems like it took forever for this moment to arrive. I’ve known @bkgirlfriday on Twitter since practically the day I started. She has multiple personalities that have come out through that year or more (and Twitter accounts to go with them), but there is only ONE @bkgirlfriday and I am happy to say I […]

Why @RatERat is a mad that he didn’t get to hang with @domosanta at the TBQ Party

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At this rate @treble_singer will never get any studying done! @jlieu @kahalamallctr

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Mahalo @codyonizuka for hookin’ us up with the awesome shirts!

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Dinner at Giovanni Pastrami w/@photolulutv (@waikikibeachwlk)

I had to go to Waikiki Beach Walk last night for work stuff (Waikiki Beach Walk is a client) but we also needed to get dinner too and decided to stop by Giovanni Pastrami which was also our choice for Thanksgiving dinner this year and is slowly becoming my daughter’s favorite place to have pasta […]

First time meeting @kaimanapine IRL! #HITwoliday

I finally got to meet @kaimanapine (prounounced peee-nay from what I’ve been told) in real life and actually remembered to get a pic of the occasion.

CPK @kahalamallctr Tweetup to Support Kalani High School’s Tennis Team #KLunchBunch

@l3379lad180r organized a tweetup at California Pizza Kitchen for a coworker’s daughter on the Kalani tennis team. He heard they were having a fundraiser to help pay for the resurfacing of the courts and mobilized the #KLunchBunch tweeps. This was before we went in and before more showed up. But we wanted to eat and […]

Pono Media (@ponomedia) was good to us at the #HITwoliday Party!

After many Tweetups of us standing by and watching Garry (@funhiguy) win something we finally won something of our own. And coincidentally the two things we won were things donated by Pono Media for the event.  So of course we had to go and take a picture with Neenz and Noe with our winnings! Melanie […]

Finally Got a Pic with @shmerin! #HITwoliday (@mel808 too!)

For whatever reason (Could it be because @tadasauce taught me to say her screen name by saying “schmegma”?) it has taken FOREVER me to get a pic with Erin. Finally achieved that at #HITwoliday! @mel808 @parkrat @shmerin

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