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It ain’t for kids or the light of heart!

For those not familiar with the evolution of the sports card collecting hobby. Exquisite is made by Upper Deck and is considered to be the top of the line product to open. The case of three boxes (packs) that was opened in this video cost approximately $2,700.00. Yes, there is no typo. Posted via email […]

Our Last Twitter Tuesday meal for the year @bigcitydiner

Grilled pork chops, hamburger steak, kiddie cheeseburger Posted via email from ParkRat’s Playground

Mini chicken curry plate and Roast turkey/baked ham @zippys

Posted via email from ParkRat’s Playground

In the digital camera era @electric_bamboo is still “old school” baby! (@lauriecicotello @domosanta)

Yes, you are not seeing things. That is a Polaroid camera he is using to take pictures.  And yes, this photo was taken this year, 2009.  Duuuude! Posted via email from ParkRat’s Playground

Women can’t keep their hands off of me! (@spldrttngrl @melissa808)

Unfortunately they prefer the head or my neck to anything else. Or is that fortunately? Hmmm…. Rats get no love….*sadface*

What a cute family! @treble_singer @l3379lad180r together @kahalamallctr

Posted via email from ParkRat’s Playground

Melanie meet Melanie. Melanie this is Melanie. (@shareyourtable @mel808)

Melanie had the opportunity to meet Melanie this weekend and so we made sure that we took a picture to record this event. I wonder how many other “mel”‘s I can find on Twitter? Hmmmm…..a project/quest! Posted via email from ParkRat’s Playground

Gettin’ Down with @bullyosullivan (@iblala @parkrat)

Even though there were more than enough chairs at the party @bullyosullivan seemed to find lying on the ground more comfortable than sitting in a chair. This habit of course led to @iblala also doing the same thing and joining him along with J. Well all that lying on the ground got me to thinking […]

Holy Kaw! @neenz Makes a Dream a Reality

A little over a year ago when Guy Kawasaki’s new book came out I made this blog post “Holy Kaw! I’m in Deep Shiitake! – The Guy Kawasaki Revelation” where I revealed… I HAVE A MAN-CRUSH ON GUY KAWASAKI !!!! (It should be noted that I say this with an unblemished record of staunch heterosexuality.) […]

Our Christmas Tree This Year – And maybe many more? (Check it out @trulyjoannies!)

Inspired partially by @trulyjoannies Simplify the Holidays (They are still looking for people to commit and it doesn’t cost you anything to do so!) and also partially by necessity. Here is our Christmas tree for this year. And if you were wondering if the kiddies were disappointed?  Here is one that wasn’t, he put his […]

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