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Friday Kaimuki Tweetup Lunching at Big City Diner (Kaimuki, Hawaii)

@KaizenHawaii, @l3379lad180r had their Friday Tweetup Lunch @BigCityDiner today and @funhiguy @ryankanno @tadasauce and @parkrat all joined in.  We also had a brief appearance from @BCDlane too before he rushed off. But not before he bestowed some tasty treats on us. Mahalo Lane!  Fun time guys! Hope @joannie808 gets better soon.   Posted via email […]

Melissa’s perspective on guys with big hands

This is an exchange that took place on Twitter between @melissa808 and myself (@parkrat). I laughed so hard when I read her response that I literally fell on the floor laughing while trying to suck down the sip of iced tea that I had in my mouth.  After thinking about why this was so humorous […]

Lunch at Tae’s Teppanyaki with @melissa808 and @tenbears

On the way to Tae’s @melissa808 is telling me about how this guy started in Daei and then finally got so popular he opened his own restaurant. So I ask her what it is that he makes and she tells me it is this thinly sliced steak roll thing. Now for anyone who knows me […]

I Love Friends Who Live in LA!

Lakers Championship Locker Room hat!!! Go Lakers! Welcome back Lamar! Am so glad that you are returning. Posted via email from ParkRat’s Posterous Playground

Dinner at Maple Garden/Yen King (McCully, Hawaii)

This was the first night this summer that we had all the kids (one daughter was at Grandma Summer Camp) in one place and so figured we would go out somewhere.  We used to love to go to Yen King when they were at Kahala Mall and are happy that he found a place to […]

Alex (Da Head) Enjoys Melissa’s Mangoes (Possibly NSFW)

Posted via email from ParkRat’s Posterous Playground

Dinner at Camellia Buffet

Since we needed to drop the daughter off in Waikiki for a party we figured we would try someplace different.  The boys had never been to a place where you cook your own food at the table so we decided to give them a treat and check out Camellia Buffet in McCully. Sashimi, jello, corn. […]

Nice, warm, round mounds of pleasure

Hot Malasadas! Wasn’t from today, but oh the memories of how good they tasted on Friday are still with me.  YUM! Also had a Portuguese sausage Pao Doce too. Also very YUM! See and download the full gallery on posterous Posted via email from ParkRat’s Posterous Playground

Fried Shrimp Musubi from 7-Eleven

I’m testing to see if I can email in embedded videos to Posterous and have it post correctly.  Here we go! Posted via email from ParkRat’s Posterous Playground

Iced Tea SODA! Nooooo!

While making a quick stop at Don Quixote to pick something up to eat and drink my wife and I came across this thing called Iced Tea Soda by Aloha Maid. Now there are a number of things that should have kept us away from this thing.  First of all the name.  Iced Tea SODA?  […]

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