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WARM Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cookies – YUM!

Walked into a house smelling of cookies baking.  Oh yeah! This is what is left of the first batch. It is not gonna last long. Dad: Did you make these cookies? Son: Dad, how old am I? Dad: I dunno, how old are you? Son: I’m 5 years old.  I can’t bake!  Mom baked the […]

The Mall is So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades…

Anyone else notice that the wing @kahalamallctr with Pizza Hut, etc. has some new lights?  They are super BRIGHT!  At night the rest of the mall looks really dark and spooky now. Posted via email from ParkRat’s Posterous Playground

The Not-So-Magical Disappearing @tracitoguchi Poppy Muffin

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the original muffin to show how it started out. The actual consumption of this muffin took over 4 hours to complete. And I’m not positive but I think at one point @tadasauce may have snaked a piece of two from it. Needless to say it was a productive […]

Seen at the Mall

Ok, so for some reason today there were a number of things that I passed while at Kahala Mall that I just could not resist snapping a picture of. The first was this set of tables that I came across on my way to check out the new Game Stop location and the old rest […]

The NBA Finals On the Goooooo!

I am so bummed that I didn’t look into this when the NBA Finals first started. This would have been much better than listening to the games on the radio like I ended up doing because of the milestone events that were coinciding with the games this year. Sunday (and Tuesday if necessary) again presented […]

Go fly a kite!

Whenever I share my opinions with people I am always being told to “Go fly a kite!” and so the other day my youngest son and I went to do just that As you can tell from the photos we were not very successful, but he did sleep well that night with the arm pillow. […]

Dinner at Chinpei Ramen (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Stopped at a ramen place that we have never been to before tonight.  Chinpei Ramen on South King Street.  Food was great and we’re happy to have stumbled across it. Shrimp and char siu fried rice. No veggies or egg.  YUM!!! Shoyu char siu ramen. No bamboo shoots. No green onions. Thin noodles. Shoyu ramen. […]

Our little baby is a baby no more. Sigh.

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Waiting to get in to the graduation.

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On the Arizona Memorial

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