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Dinner at Sanoya Rahmen

Last night was so cold so after checking out the craft fair and us being “kidless” for the time being we decided to stop at Sanoya Rahmen on King Street. Gyoza as an appetizer. Char siu, spinach and green onions. Char siu ramen. NO ONIONS!!!! The noodles were tastier than I remember it being the […]

Zippy’s Thanksgiving Meals to Go – Whole Turkey Dinner

Since we’re not a cooking family but still found ourselves “hosting” Thanksgiving dinner this year, Zippy’s to the rescue! The meal is basically pre-cooked and all we’re going to do is heat the sucker up and serve. It cost around $75.00 and at the Kahala Zippy’s there was a drive up pickup station setup just […]

@guykawasaki Just Tweeted To Me!

Holy Kaw!!! Posted by email from parkrat’s posterous

Trey’s Birthday Dinner at CPK

Last night was my son’s birthday and at first he wanted to just buydinner from Lam’s Garden.  But somehow during the course of theconversation he managed to change those plans into what will become abirthday celebration across a span of three days.  The celebrationstarts at CPK on his birthday and here are some pics of […]

Holy Kaw! I’m in Deep Shiitake! – The Guy Kawasaki Revelation

The joining of Twitter and the subsequent purchase of Guy Kawasaki’s new book Reality Check has led me to find out something about myself that I was not consciously aware of previously. I am hoping that saying it out loud and thereby publicly revealing the “problem” will also cure me of what can only be […]

Lunch from Mitsuba Delicatessen

My wife and I were in the Liliha area today and so we decided to checkout a place that we hadn’t been to in a long while. MitsubaDelicatessen on School Street. This was one of their cabinets with the okazu in it.  Didn’t get a picof the other one, but it had garlic chicken, tempura, […]

Mini Garden – Beretania Street – Mahalo @dote!

Today’s “What’s for lunch?” dilemma was solved by a quick tweet by@dote about his warmed up lunch plans and a quick link to an articleabout the place.  When I was working downtown Mini Garden was afrequent stop for lunch for me as I fell in love with the stewed noodlewith shrimp won ton dish. So […]

Bento-ya Iyasume Lunch

I’m blogging this mainly because we can never remember what the storehours are for Bento-ya Iyasume and I finally remembered to take a pic. This place is in Kapahulu in the same complex as Soccer Locker and morevisibly, Papa John’s Pizza.  My wife’s Aunty used to own the place as aKorean BBQ place before she […]

Okata Bento Lunch

What can I say?  I LOVE eating at Okata Bento in Kaimuki! Chicken Katsu plate for the wife and kids. Chicken Teri bento no cabbage for Dad. I usually get a plain mahimahi sandwich too, but trying to cut back onthe food intake to get ready for my upcoming basketball league. Posted by email from […]

No Voting Lines Here!

We entered our reservation for our right to complain this morning byvoting.  All the ads tell me that if I no vote I no can complain. Which conversely means, that if I do I can, right?  I’m actually hopingthere is nothing to complain about after this election. Unlike theother fiasco we had that got put the […]

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