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Beachside Lunching

Today’s lunch was supposed to be left over Subway sandwich and some pretzels but as it turns out I ended up going to St Louis Okazuya with my wife instead. After dropping the wife back off at her work I decided to go and try and was headed home when I realized that it was […]

Well for what feels like the millionth time I have re-launched The Sports ‘n Kidz Network, this time as a social networking site. For those that know of this site it has taken on many forms for the over 10 years that I have been trying to make something happen with this concept. Basically the […]

Trey and Ty @tadasauce Fans

One morning I was messing around on Twitter and @tadasauce posted a link to his YouTube page and so I started poking around and came across this video that he made. It cracked me up, especially the comment about he must be from MidPac because when I first saw the video I thought, that is […]

Morning Rainbow

Sent to the wife and kids off to school this morning under a nice rainbow. Didn’t realize we had so many wires running across the front of our house! Posted by email from parkrat’s posterous

Old School! Timex Sinclair ZX81

Just recently I was going through some boxes in our closet and I cameacross this very old but extremely invaluable find.  The first personalcomputer I ever owned! The reason why this computer is so invaluable is not only because itwas the first that I ever owned, but mostly because it was given to meby my […]

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