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Trip to G Sushi

Last night was a night where the girls were able to eat before practiceand so it was just the boys and us on our own for dinner.  The littlestone requested that we go to G Sushi so that he can “take the food offthe boat.” and since my wife and I had never been there […]

Costco Gas Special Excursion

The other night on Twitter one of the topics that came up was the longlines at Costco gas.  Since the price dropped to below $3.00/gallon forregular grade gas the lines have been crazy over there.  It wassuggested by @nctrlbst that at 5:00am when they open is the best timebecause there he said there were no […]

My 15 Year Old Daughter and Her Baby

My 15 year old daughter just had a baby boy. Baby’s name is Damian Kealoha S. and weighed EXACTLY 5lbs.  We knowthis because it started out as a 5lb bag of rice. I wanted her to name the kid Musubi. Posted by email from parkrat’s posterous

Kewalo Basin Coolpix Video

Forgot I was going to post this video too that I took with the camera. I’m hoping that it is because my SD card isn’t the fastest or meant for video and that is why there are some artifacts in the video. Of course YouTube messes with it too so that might be hard to […]

Nikon Coolpix Taken for a Ride

Decided to run out to see if I could find a case for the Nikon Coolpix that wasn’t too bulky. I was going to resort to using a thick sock, but did end up finding a case that I think will serve what I wanted it to which is basically something to protect the camera […]

My New Nikon Coolpix S550 Digital Camera

Got a new toy today and I can’t wait to start using it! Expect some nicer pictures posted to my blogs from now on. At least I hope so that is. A good camera can’t fix a lousy photographer. In any case, here is the unboxing of my new Nikon Coolpix camera. I had been […]

Hawaii Old Navy Sale – The Challenge

My sister who works at the Ala Moana Center Old Navy store in Hawaii is now mocking me about my blog and tweeting. About a month ago she sent me (and a whole bunch of family members) an email message saying that they were having a BFF sale and it was a crazy sale with […]

Just like Nibbits only BETTER!

We picked up a couple of bags of these at the New Food and ProductsShow this weekend and I’m sorry we didn’t pick up more! I used to LOVE to eat Nibbits especially with a ham sandwich made withhot dog buns.  Major YUM!  But then the cook (or baker) must have leftand took the recipe […]

This Weekend is for the Birds!

Today after dropping my Grandmother back at home we decided to make a quick stop at Windward Mall. It has been a long while since we’ve been there so was kind of nice to see that the mall seems to have come back from the ghost town it was the last time we were there. […]

Quick Stop at Petland

Needed to get some crickets for the semi-pet chameleons that the boys caught. While there we saw some birds that looked a whole lot like some Tweetterer I know. These two were fighting over a piece of string or something. And these guys just had their own little gang thing happening. The place is going […]

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