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BIG Fish – Whole Foods

What can I say, it is just too tempting to take pics in the place withit being a brand new experience and all. Here are a couple of pics we snapped in the Seafood department with mycamera phone.  Unfortunately it ain’t all that great of a phone, but Ithink you can tell that the fish […]

Giant musubi!

After deciding to have lunch at Rainbow’s Drive In we took a detour instead to the musubi place in Kapahulu. This place is marked by the giant musubi sitting outside the establishment. My sons were definitely hungry today. Posted by email from parkrat’s posterous

Dinosaurs are Invading!

The military has been called out of Iraq to fight the sudden influx of dinosaurs that are invading our island. Unfortunately, there have already been casualties suffered, but hopefully the situation will be quickly contained. Posted by email from parkrat’s posterous

Video shoot wrapped up

Riding down Pueo on my way to Sam’s Club today I passed by a house where they were filming something. Not any huge crews or anything so I have no idea who or what was being filmed, but I took a couple of passes but couldn’t really find the angle or the balls to stop […]

Lunch views from Kahala Beach Park

Decided to eat lunch and try and get some work done at Kahala Beach Park today. Lunch first of course! Teri ahi plate all rice from a little lunch wagon behind Sam’s Club/Walmart. Here is my views for lunch today. Trying to send multiple images through Posterous for the first time. Hope this works! Laterz! […]

Prank “Pooper”

My daughter Marissa has a track record of being the one to win drawings and other random contests of luck. Once she won some kind of a trip only to be told by the contest people that she was not eligible to win. I think she was like 11 at the time or something. They […]

Ty Finishes the Niketown Fun Run

With the promise to “love you forever” Ty talks his sister into putting him on her shoulders to finish the race. This is after she ran her 3 mile race first and then went with him on his 1 mile run. Which ended up being more of a “ride” than a “run” for him. That […]

Old Navy BFF Sale

Got this message from my sister who is over at Old Navy in Ala Moana in Hawaii. We have this crazy promotion going on that runs from this Friday-Sunday. There are a few ways you can participate in a GREAT DEAL – so spread the word to anyone who loves to shop Old Navy for […]

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