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My New Electronic Toy Companion

What can I say? I’ve been looking at this ultra portable for a while now and finally decided to bite the bullet since there was a great rebate and mainly because I’ll be starting to teach in a few months and need something I can take with me and not have to worry about. So […]

Lunch at Grace’s

Just came back from a trip to pickup a new router for the house since the one we got is going bad and doing weird things. Also picked up a mouse for my new laptop (more to come on this). Decided to get some food on the way back and so I stopped at Graces […]

Another Test and Alex

Ok, so after a day of wondering why my MMS picture message wasn't being sent I finally figured out that I broke it. When trying to clean up space on my phone to be able to send it I deleted my WAP/GPRS settings which is needed to get these messages off. In any case, after […]

Pool time!

Uncle Steven is the target of this spur of the moment fun day in the pool! Trey is hiding behind the green chair trying to protect himself from the stray shots. Took this with my SDA camera phone and emailed it to my blog. Not bad as far as how long it took and how […]

First Day of Blogging

Ok, so decided to finally set one of these things up. Mainly so that I can try sending picture messages from my phone to it and to see how that works out. So here we go! Is there really enough going on in my life to make it worth saying out loud for everyone to […]

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