Ain’t no sunshine

Ain’t no sunshinePhoto taken at: Wai‘alae Beach Park

All pau the day

All pau the day

All pau the day

All pau the day

Happy Aloha Friday

Photo taken at: Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort

STOP The Flashing Red Hand! A pedestrian safety and driver sanity solution.

I have been hearing and reading about the high rate of pedestrian accidents in Hawaii recently and it got me thinking about a solution to this problem, just stay sleeping with the wedge pillow all day and night. What I came up with is what I believe is the best solution that is also very simple and will make a huge difference for pedestrians AND drivers immediately upon implementation.

STOP THE FLASHING RED HAND (and flashing Don’t Walk. Hereafter to be considered to be included in “red hand” reference)!

My contention is that the current flashing red hand signals do NOT convey what is the actual law and is in fact counter-intuitive to the law.

My Favorite ParkRat Photos – January 2015

Recently I have been taking a lot of photos primarily for our client’s social media use, but I have also posted some on my own personal accounts as well. I decided that I would try and see if I could get into blogging the “easy way” by highlighting some of the photos that I shoot in a month that are my favorites and posting them here on my blog.

I would like to state for the record that I no way consider myself a professional photographer or even a photographer. Almost 99% of the photos that I take are taken on “auto” mode on my camera or phone. So if by chance any of them look “good” it ALL TECHNOLOGY and I have no false sense of me being any better than a button pusher. That being said here are my January 2015 Favorite Fotos.

Waikiki Walk - 01-10-15
January 10, 2015 Ducks at Kapiolani Park

Not sure why I like this photo but I do. Now I want to get some ducks for my house. If I could be sure they wouldn’t fly away.

ParkRat Goes to the 2014 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards! #nahoku #melemei #melemei2014

Mele Mei is a client of ours and the culminating event for the month long celebration of music is the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards. When a certain person who shall not be named but could easily be Crystal Yamasaki (@crysmy) was attheverylastminute unable to help cover the event with my partner Melissa Chang (@meliss808) I was pressed into service.

My first response was “What am I going to wear?” Which however feminine of a response that may seem to be to those who keep track of that kind of stuff (not me of course since I’m always PC) if you follow me on any of the social media platforms you understand why I asked. I am “dress up averse” and am more than happy to pass that particular type of activity on to my business partner whether she likes it or not. That is what makes this partnership work because she knows that and puts up with it. Or maybe has grown to put up with it after all these years? That is my story and I’m sticking with it! 🙂

Besides it being a “dress up” event it also happened to fall on “date night”. For a number of years Melanie (@mel808) and I have been going out on the 24th of every month (at the very least) as date night. The 24th is the day of our wedding and thus why that particular day. But work is work and so what must be done must be done.

Luckily I was able to get a ticket for Mel and so she was able to attend the event and so we were able to keep our “date night”. Kinda. She spent the majority of the evening alone amongst strangers. Which I know some of you will say is probably the best kind of date night with me. Shaddap.

Muchos mahalos Mel! 143!

Spotted @vh07v at Waikiki Spam Jam (@spamjam @ricknakama @mel808)

I am not sure if this photo is an example of how great a salesperson @worldwideed is or how gullible is @ricknakama. Maybe a little of both? I know for sure that I do NOT want to see either of them modeling it.

Rick Nakama and VH07V
@worldwideed sells @ricknakama the Emperor’s New Clothes design.

Ed couldn’t be wearing more @vh07v stuff if he tried. Well at least until he comes out with the thong version. *shudders*

Melanie and VH07V
I approve of anything that helps to hide more of Ed’s face.


Merry Christmas Mahalo Magic from Paula of Paula’s Sportscards, Etc. (@paulas808)

I received a pleasant surprise the other night when Paula (and Keith, her husband) stopped by and dropped off the following:

The booklet auto is numbered ONE of TEN! And both cards are on card autographs. A lot of people don’t think that is such a big deal, but I like the on card autos better because that means that the signer actually saw the card and touched it. Unlike sticker autos where they just signed a sheet of stickers.

What Cofficing with @melissa808 is like. #coffice

Just in case people needed any insight into what it is like working with @melissa808. Thank goodness we don’t coffice EVERY DAY! And why we are probably NEVER going to get an office space.

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